EvoTears® eye drops

Taking the treatment of evaporative dry eyes to the next level

  • Very good efficacy due to innovative substance
  • Very good tolerability as free from additives
  • High yield and long treatment duration

The innovation for evaporative dry eyes

With EvoTears® a new therapeutic class in the treatment of dry eyes is available. It specifically addresses the problem of evaporative dry eyes. The latter is caused by an excessive evaporation of the tear due a lipid layer disorder, i.e. an unstable or compromised lipid layer of the tear film. Thanks to perfluorohexyloctane the EvoTears® drop spreads rapidly and quikly forms a protective layer over the tear film. Therefore, excessive evaporation is counteracted and the symptoms of evaporative dry eyes are effectively relieved. Being water-free, EvoTears® can completely dispense with additives.

EvoTears® works like this

Forming a protection against evaporation thanks to the innovative substance
Due to its low surface tension, EvoTears® spreads rapidly and quickly forms a protective layer over the simulated tear.

EvoTears® stands for …

icon Innovation

EvoTears® are worldwide the first eye drops in the treatment of dry eyes to contain perfluorohexyloctane. Perfluorohexyloctane has been used for many years in ophthalmic surgery as vitreous substitute. With EvoTears® it is now available for the first time as eye drops.

icon No need for excipients
No need for additives

EvoTears® contains perfluorohexyloctane only and is therefore free from water. Consequently, EvoTears® does not require any additives such as preservatives, emulsifiers or phosphates.

icon Water-free

Thanks to the absence of water, there is no need for preservatives, as microorganisms depend on water for survival. Thus, despite being preservative-free EvoTears® can be used for 6 months after first opening. In addition, due to the absence of water, EvoTears® has neither a pH nor osmolarity. If the pH and/or osmolarity of water-containing eye drops lie ouside the physiological range, intolerance reactions are possible. These include burning or hypertonic stress that can cause inflammation.

icon Low surface tension
Low surface tension

Thanks to perfluorohexyloctane, the surface tension of EvoTears® is much lower than that of water. This is why the eye drops spread rapidly over the tear forming a unique protective layer. In addition, a particularly small drop is dispensed (approx. 10 µl), which is therefore many times smaller than aqueous eye drops (40 – 50 µl). The small drop volume is equal to the capacity of the conjunctival sac, therefore ensuring a pleasant application.

icon High yield
High yield

The small drop volume ensures a high yield. The 3 ml content in the bottle allows the delivery of up to 280 drops, i.e. about 4 to 5 times as many drops as from a comparable volume of aqueous eye drops for dry eyes.

icon Lipophilia

The lipophilic (fat-loving) properties of perfluorohexyloctane allow EvoTears® to take over the function of the lipid layer. The resulting effective protection against evaporation generates satisfied patients.

icon Long treatment duration
Long treatment duration

Thanks to perfluorohexyloctane, EvoTears® is retained on the eye for a considerable time. Consequently, EvoTears® offers a long-lasting protection of the tear film from evaporation. In general, a low application frequency of 2 to 4 times a day is sufficient. Thus, a bottle of EvoTears® containing 3 ml offers a treatment duration of 35 days when a 4 times daily application* is needed. If an application* of only 2 times a day is required, a bottle lasts for 70 days! * Application corresponds to one drop per eye

icon No visual impairment
No visual impairment

Despite the lipophilic properties of the innovative substance perfluorohexyloctane, EvoTears® has the same refractive index as the tear. Therefore, it does not impair vision.