Quality demands on dry eye treatment

The quality of the constituents as well as the ocular tolerability are essential factors

The following demands, amongst others, should be made on the dry eye treatment:

No preservatives

Preservatives, which prevent the contamination of eye drops during storage and use, can have a negative effect on the tear film. In addition, they can damage the ocular surface cells and cause many intolerance reactions.
EvoTears® contains no preservatives!

No phosphate

In addition to preservatives, however, phosphates, which are often present in eye drops, can have a negative effect on an already damaged cornea. These compounds are added to eye drops in order to stabilise the pH. The problem is that damaged ocular surface cells release calcium, which can combine with the phosphate of the eye drops to poorly soluble corneal calcifications. The latter can permanently impair vision.
Therefore, eye drops for the treatment of dry, irritated eyes should not contain phosphate.
EvoTears® contains no phosphate!

No emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are added to oil-in-water preparations to permit the mixture and stabilisation of the two, by nature immiscible, phases. Conventional eye drops intended to restore the lipid layer of the tear film usually contain, in addition to water, lipids such as triglycerides, phospholipids or castor oil and thus represent oil-in-water preparations. In order to homogenise or rather stabilise the latter emulsifiers are often added.
EvoTears® being water-free does not require any emulsifiers!