The innovation for dry eyes

The first eye drops to contain perfluorohexyloctane and the first water-free drops in the treatment of dry eyes

The innovative lipid replacement

EvoTears® is worldwide the first product to contain the innovative substance perfluorohexyloctane and represents the first water-free drop in the treatment of dry eyes. It is offered in a handy dropper bottle. EvoTears® forms a protective layer over the tear film thus relieving the symptoms of evaporative dry eyes quickly and reliably without affecting vision. As it does not contain any additives EvoTears® is very well tolerated.

EvoTears® convinces with decisive advantages:

1. Taking on the function of the lipid layer

The lipophilic property of perfluorohexyloctane allows EvoTears® to take on the function of the lipid layer. The resulting effective protection against evaporation leads to satiesfied patients.

2. Rapid spreading over the tear

Thanks to the low surface tension of perfluorohexyloctane, the drop spreads rapidly and quickly forms a unique thin protective layer over the tear.

3. High yield

The extremely low surface tension leads to the dispensing of a very small drop (about 10 μl). Consequently, with up to 280 drops per 3 ml content the product has a very high yield. In addition the drop volume corresponds to the capacity of the conjunctival sac, therefore ensuring a pleasant application.

4. Long treatment duration

Thanks to its long ocular retention time, EvoTears® offers a long-lasting protection from evaporation. Therefore, a low application frequency of 2 to 4 times a day is sufficient. Due to its high yield, a bottle of EvoTears® containing 3 ml therefore lasts 35 days (applied 4 times daily*) or 70 days (applied twice a day*). * Application equals one drop per eye

5. 6-month use after opening despite being preservative-free

Thanks to containing perfluorohexyloctane only EvoTears® is water-free. Microorganisms, however, depend on water for survival. Therefore, EvoTears® in the handy dropper bottle can be used even in absence of preservatives for 6 months after opening.

6. No need for phosphates

EvoTears®, being water-free, does not have a pH. The latter when outside the physiological range can cause a burning sensation. In addition, the drops do not need to be buffered. As buffer phosphate-containing compounds are often used, which on a pre-damaged cornea can lead to further damage and thus visual impairment.

7. No need for emulsifiers

EvoTears® is not an oil-in-water-mixture. Consequently, there is no need for emulsifiers.

8. No visual impairment

The refractive index of EvoTears® is equal to that of the tear and therefore it does not impair vision.

9. No osmotic stress

As it is water-free EvoTears® has no osmolarity. This prevents the ocular surface from being subjected to osmotic stress that can cause inflammation.