EvoTears® OMEGA eye drops

The enlargement of the new therapeutic class in the treatment of dry eyes

  • Excellent properties, thanks to perfluorohexyloctane and the absence of water
  • Algae-derived omega-3 to complement the lipid layer
  • First emulsion-free omega-3 formulation for dry eyes

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EvoTears® OMEGA – Unique1 in treating dry and irritated eyes and eyelids.

Dry as well as irritated eyes. Red and painful eyelids. Waking up in the morning with encrusted eyelids. This could indicate a meibomian gland dysfunction, which is considered one of the main causes of dry eyes2.

What role do meibomian glands play in dry eyes?

The meibomian glands are located in the upper and lower eyelids and exit onto the eyelid margins. These glands are responsible for the tear film’s lipid layer as they release an oily secretion directly on the lid margins. Thus, each blink leads to the renewal of the lipid layer, which prevents premature evaporation and destabilisation of the tear.

An impaired function of the meibomian glands or their exits onto the lid margins being blocked will lead to a compromised lipid layer. This will result in dry eyes caused by premature evaporation of the tear or watery eyes.

EvoTears® OMEGA with its omega-3 fatty acids specifically addresses a compromised lipid layer due to meibomian gland dysfunction.


Pack shot incl. dropper bottleIcon high yield Icon innovation
Pack shot incl. dropper bottleIcon high yield Icon innovation

Typical symptoms of a compromised lipid layer caused by a meibomian gland dysfunction are

  • Reddened eyes and eyelid margins or crusted eyelids
  • Watery eyes
  • Burning sensation
  • Pronounced complaints in the morning that improve during the day

Watery eye, reddened eyes and eyelid margins, encrusted eyelids

Causes of a compromised lipid layer due to a meibomian gland dysfunction are e.g.

  • Hormone therapy (e.g. birth control pill)
  • Hormonal changes (e.g. menopause)
  • Age-related dry eyes

EvoTears® OMEGA benefits from

1. Omega-3

Omega-3 stands for omega-3 fatty acids, which form part of the natural tear. Dry eyes are often associated with a lack of omega-3 in the tear film. The greater the omega-3 deficiency the more the tear film is affected. Consequently, the more serious the associated corneal damage3.

EvoTears® OMEGA contains omega-3 fatty acids derived from algae and not from fish. Therefore, EvoTears® OMEGA is also suitable for vegans. In addition, EvoTears® OMEGA is the first emulsion-free omega-3 formulation in the treatment of dry eyes.

2. Perfluorohexyloctane

Thanks to the innovative substance perfluorohexyloctane EvoTears® OMEGA is lipophilic and yet has the same refractive index as the tear. This means that vision is not impaired.

Perfluorohexyloctane has further advantageous properties previously unknown in dry eye therapy. EvoTears® OMEGA spreads very quickly and rapidly forms a protective layer over the tear. This counteracts premature evaporation. In addition, one drop has a volume of approx. 10 µl only and therefore up to 280 drops per
3 ml content can be taken from a bottle of EvoTears® OMEGA.

3. Being water-free

EvoTears® OMEGA are beside EvoTears® the second water-free drops availabe in the treatment of dry eyes.

EvoTears® OMEGA combines effective protection against evaporation (thanks to an innovative substance) and being anhydrous with algae-derived omega-3 for the alleviation of irritated eyes and eyelid margins.

Thanks to perfluorohexyloctane, EvoTears® OMEGA has a much lower surface tension than water. This is why the eye drop spreads quickly on the tear and forms a protective layer over the tear film.

1 due to perfluorohexyloctane and being water-free
2 Nichols K. et al. IOVS, Special Issue 2011. 52(4):1922-1929
3 Walter S et al. IOVS, 2016. 57(6): 2472-2478



The EvoTears® range includes two products: EvoTears® and EvoTears® OMEGA

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