to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes

In addition to using dry eye products, the severity of the symptoms can be alleviated by following certain rules:

At home/work

  • Ensure an ideal indoor climate with optimum humidity, e.g. by using humidifiers. Also, during the heating season, damp towels can be placed on radiators.
  • Provide sufficient fresh air, by e.g. regular rigorous airing of work and living spaces. This can also be achieved by occasionally leaving the working space or dwelling, especially when smoking is permitted in that environment.
  • Take in, at regular intervals, an adequate amount of fluid, a total of at least 1.5 liters, throughout the day. Hydration is a key element to a normal tear production. Alcoholic beverages should not be considered in the daily fluid intake as they dehydrate the body.
  • When using screen-assisted technology, regular pauses are a must, so that the eye can relax and blink more frequently. The latter prevents a reduction of the lipid layer and thus ensures the lubrication of the cornea and conjunctiva.

In the car

  • Do not direct the ventilation at your face, as the constant draft of air can irritate the eyes and cause the ocular surface to dry out.
  • Do not drive with the windows open or, if in case, protect your eyes with (sun)glasses.
  • Do not drive with the air conditioning switched on continuously, as this leads to very dry air inside the car.

During leisure time

  • Use goggles whilst swimming to avoid irritation from contact with chlorine.
  • On windy days or in direct sunlight, protect the eyes with (sun)glasses, ideally with side covers that provide an extra protection of the ocular surface from drafts.

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